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Shambhala Buddhism

Shambhala is the name given to the teachings transmitted by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, both spiritual Tibetan masters who hold the Kagyü, Nyingma and Shambhala lineages. They teach meditation as a path to explore our mind and open our heart.

The Shambhala teachings, based on the principles of basic goodness and enlightened society, invite us to live our daily life and meet all personal and social challenges with mindfulness and compassion.

Meditation sessions

The Aix Shambhala Meditation Group meets:

  • On Wednesdays, 7 pm.
  • At the Théâtre du Ruban Vert, 4 traverse Notre Dame in Aix en Provence.

Our meditation sessions are open to anyone who would like to learn how to meditate and/or who is interested in Shambhala Buddhism. We practice mindfulness meditation –Shamatha– and we regularly offer classes discussing the place and role of meditation in everyday life.

Discussions and dialogs about our personal experience of meditation are part of our practice and bring tremendous richness to our gatherings. You'll find more detailed information on the Groupe Shambhala d'Aix en Provence website (in French).

Frédérique and Elise, the Aix Shambhala Group coordinator and teacher, speak fluent English, so don't hesitate to join us if you are an English speaker.