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The benefits of yoga

Yoga is a philosophy and set of practices that originated in Ancient India. There are mulitple yoga schools and traditions which are sometimes very different from one another. Some are very austere and advocate ascetic practices, others encourage practitioners to celebrate life in all its forms. Today, yoga in the West is mostly associated with the physical practice of yoga poses; it has taken on many different forms and is practiced in ashrams as well as in gyms.

Yoga's current popularity, regardless of the approach or tradition, is most likely due to its mental and physical benefits. Yoga practice teaches optimal physical alignment while providing the tools to quiet the mind. Yoga is accessible to all, children, people with disabilities, athletes, senior citizens, and can be practiced in educational, athletic, private, or corporate environments.

Vinyasa Yoga classes

I teach Vinyasa Yoga, a yoga that is both dynamic and creative and that offers a complete body / mind experience by uniting breath and movement. Our classes are accessible to all. The atmosphere is both serious and relaxed; we practice with a sense of precision and rigor but we also laugh and play a lot. Many appreciate the possibility of exploring yoga in a non competitive and friendly environment.

Each class presents a different theme and weaves it into alignment and the choice of poses. Advanced students always find new challenges and beginners experience a wide range of poses through adapted variations.

Each class ends with a nice quiet relaxation where the mind and body can fully settle.

Pratical information

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